Saturday, May 18, 2013

inter-cropped maize and spuds

while i was on campus this morning i planted the last bed that was available to me in the community garden...i have already planted red nordlan potatoes, hopi blue maize, teosinte, and kohlrabi and i had said i would plant some sweet i did...i planted two rows of corn each six inches in from either side of the every foot for sixteen plants in all ( jubilee hybrid yellow sweet corn )...this left the corn rows forty inches apart so i took the liberty of planting a half dozen yukon gold potatoes down the middle...they do not tolerate frost well and like warmer soil so this is the time for them to go a coincidence i have three yema de huevos potato plants growing in my yard that i got from the usda...i discovered while researching the likes and dislikes of yukon golds that the yema de huevos is a direct ancestor of the yukon gold so i am considering putting a couple in my back yard just to do a comparison of the plant morphology ( and have more spuds to eat )

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