Tuesday, May 7, 2013

tubers and grasses at the iuncg

off to campus after work to check on things...five potato plants are up and running...that's about a third of what i planted last month...so a few more to go until the full population crops up...the teosinte i planted around the verge of the bed i will plant hopi blue maize in on friday has begun to come up as well...lots of maize ancestor on campus this season ( still geeked )...the strawberries and turnips are just fine as well...i had a pleasant chat wit a couple of iun police officers while i was watering...we had a look at the bed the department planted and it is well inter-cropped with tomatoes, peppers, flowers, and melons...it will be interesting to see how it does...i am planning to inter-crop yukon gold potatoes with the hopi blue and we will be doing some work with green manures as the red nordlands finish up their season later this summer...lots of stuff coming up, literally and figuratively over the season.

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