Friday, May 24, 2013

a garden? my garden? backyard?

all the other places covered in this blog have "official" names and are, in one way or another, connected to the university ( hence, i suppose. the "official" )...there's enough "official" out there so i believe i will continue to call this collection of odd plants "the back yard" or "out in back" or some other generic nameless sort of thing that comes to mind whenever i am dealing with what goes on at home...and stuff is going the top photo you can see the shade from the jerusalem artichokes is deepening and soon all the other growth is going to be starved of photosynthesis...except, it seems, the lamb's quarters in the second photo...they have always grown in conjunction with sunchokes no matter where i have planted them...they do not spontaneously erupt so there must be some mechanism depositing seed there... i am trying to research what critters are attracted to jerusalem artichokes ( besides mosquitoes ) that might be the lamb's quarters mo of dispersal...thirty-five red nordland plants in a sunny patch have me hoping for a fair harvest in a few months...then it is green manure time at home as well as on campus...both annual and perennial teosinte are up and running out there...the fourth photo is northern tepehuan...lots of maize ancestor growing all over this season...the bottom photo is of one of the developing turnips in the row i planted in april...they will be done next the back yard is greening up and doing as well as the campus gardens...there are more natives here than there are on campus this if only the shang would put in a appearance.

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