Monday, May 6, 2013


took a trip out to campus yesterday morning and of course while i was there i went to the community garden to check on the critter net and see what was up…the net is fine and there is a better photo of it today…but that isn’t the news…there are twenty-five turnips up and running in the row between the strawberries and if i am not utterly mistaken there is a lone pepper plant that has germinated…where there’s one there are more on the way and that is good news for the west side high school students who are working the bed…as good as that is it isn’t what has made me as pleased ( and, i have to add if i am going to be honest, utterly relieved ) as the fact that there are two potato plants that have emerged in the bed i planted last month…after the asparagus debacle my gardening ego would have been completely deflated by a potato famine…particularly since they are so simple to grow…the only thing i can imagine that would be worse would be failing to succeed with Jerusalem artichokes here on their native turf…things are moving at the iuncg and there is another planting this coming friday afternoon…the maize goes in and, unless i have completely lost my identification skills, there is some “wild and weedy” teosinte coming up around the edge of the maize bed that i will be planting…the farmers in the birthplace of maize in the mexican hills say growing teosinte along the verge of their crops makes the maize “stronger”…gene flow from the ancestor to the domesticate…artificial selection with a bit of help from mom and dad.

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