Tuesday, May 21, 2013

that was fast...

i was skeptical when i saw the seedling on the cucumber hill i planted saturday until i came home this evening and found them up and running here as well...obviously the combination of warmth, moisture, and the rich compost has made them very happy in four short days...eight of the hopi blue maize seeds i planted are up including the four from seed grown in the pgp last season...two more and all ten will be accounted for..the red nordlands seem to be enjoying spring so far as well...green and growing, soon it will be time to start hilling them...one of the strawberry plants is blooming...they are self-pollinating so the critter net poses no danger to production...finally the cherry tree continues to produce nascent cherries and seems to be doing fine despite a few broken off clusters of leaves...a sign of predators other than beetles perhaps and something to be watched fairly closely...i wouldn't expect to actually harvest cherries before the predators find them but we should try to limit the damage they do to the tree itself...there is movement all around and the season is just starting...more inter-cropping, cyclical plantings, and an adventure in green manures yet to come...stay tuned.

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