Tuesday, May 21, 2013


i finally got some reasonably clear shots of the wheat grass flowers this evening...there is just the one plant blooming but it has produced twenty-one proaxes and all are in various stages of flowering...i am tld that the seed development will be a slow process so we are in for a lot of photos...the chinese yams are liking the weather and are shooting across the trellis a lot more quickly than i expected...some re-design and expansion may be in order if this continues...a peculiarly bent spear of asparagus has begun to "fern" so i decided to leave it be and feed the roots ( along with another that has gotten so tall since sunday that it made little sense to harvest it because it is doubtlessly to woody to be eaten...it is on a root system that is putting up multiple spears anyway so there will be more to harvest...botoom photo is of the pgp as it looked about five this evening...last night rain did it good.

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