Sunday, May 26, 2013

iwg at the pgp

three intermediate whet grass plants from kansas are forming seed heads...two plants from accession C3-2627 have been joined by one from 3-3486...the plant that began first now has twenty-two proaxes forming seed heads and the others aren't far behind,,,i am reminded of the gamagrass explosion last season...the zea family ( that's zea diploperennis in the fourth photo )is all dong well with the annual and perennial teosinte up and running as well as some hopi blue maize...the chinese yams are robust in their production of vines...lots of rouge yams turning up as the bulbs i missed last autumn continue to sprout...on the whole things are good here...the weather has cooled a bit but that will change and things will kick back into gear...more on all the grasses later

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