Sunday, May 26, 2013


i skip one day at the garden and rebecca scoops me with photos of the sweet corn seedlings on the garden facebook page...that's gardening...there are six of the sixteen i planted up and there will be more later this coming week when the weather warms up and the maize is happy again...the true reason for my trip out to campus was to tend to the potatoes...they are getting taller and it was time to hill them...they set tubers close to the surface and hilling serves a couple of purposes...first, exposure to sunlight causes alkaloids to form in the spuds turning them green and toxic...hilling eliminates the also stimulates the plants to set more tubers so as they grow i will continue to pile compost around the plants ( a dressing of compost doesn't hurt nutritionally either )...while i was at it i put a dressing of compost around the hopi blue maizes well...corn likes a rich soil and i will continue to feed them and the sweet corn as the season goes along...the community garden is doing every bit as well as the pgp and my's hoping that good fortune holds...the more experience i gain the more i can share...that's what community, and ultimately culture, are...we need more of both ( okay, i'm putting the soapbox away...back to the how-to and results )...more as it comes up.

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