Wednesday, May 15, 2013

all perennials in the garden today

ls perennials dominate the garden this season...which is as it should be...the asparagus is having a strong uin this spring producing numerous spears...some over an inch in diameter...they will be left to "fern" soon...the intermediate wheat grass form kansas is growing up and out as each plant begins to fill its square meter of turf...i am curious to see the seed heads and compare them with wheat and with the forage wheat grass in the garden...zea diploperennis is a perennial favorite of mine and my three year old bed is producing multiple shoots of "wild and weedy ancestors"...hopefully the hopi blue will be up soon to provide a domesticate to compare ( and add an annual to the mix )...the fourth photo from left to right are the perennials chines yams, intermediate wheat grass, and the asparagus and in the bottom photo ( on the far right ) of the pgp you can see the "greening" eastern gamagrass...things are booming along outside hawthorn hall...stop in for a look if you like.

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