Tuesday, May 27, 2014

zea mays

one large, rounded leaf and a narrow pointed one are emblematic of the zea mays seedling...as the seedling grows the leaves separate and the rounded one begins to elongate until it too is narrow and pointed...these nark the bottom of the stem and , soon enough, more leaves will appear in succession up the central stalk...then support roots will emerge...we have thirty-five seedlings in various stages of emergence today in every bed they were planted in...i know where the sweet corn is because i planted it...cynthia ( she is the one smiling up form the bed she's planting in the planting day post ) handled the apache red , dakota black ,and hopi blue so i am unsure exactly where each variety is...however the should be at least a representative of each out there...the hopi blue was planted in seed form an ear we grew last season in the old garden so the old mixes with the new..continuity is an important facet of gardening...persistence too...we are chock full of that...things are booming on 35th avenue...tough as it is why don't you set aside the books and stroll over form the library sometime...maize loves visitors.

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