Friday, May 23, 2014

three beds and a panorama

the top photo is of the pepper plants on the east end of the garden...a multitude of seeds were planted there as well but no sign of any germination ( it is a bit early yet ) so there may be additions to the pepper population posthaste...the second photo is of garlic and potatoes and an unmistakable geographical marker of the garden's location ( i.e. the library )...there's mashua and asparagus in there too...but there's more on that in a post or two...the third photo is of jerusalem artichokes...all of about eight or nine inches tall near the end of may, they will be ( we hope ) eight or ten feet tall in a couple of months with large yellow blossoms...bear this photo in mind as e progress...keep a memory of the last one as well...the bare soil in those beds won't be bare for long and soon enough will be ripe with produce of , if not bewildering then expansive variety...stay tuned...we are just starting out on this trip.

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