Tuesday, May 27, 2014

germination and continued growth

plants are popping up all over and there's a lot of new growth going on...i thinned out some clusters of cucumber plants ( top photo ) today and we have fifteen in several beds...that's a lot of cucumbers down the road...the asparagus seems to have found its roots in its first season ( and the german butterball behind it for that matter...i am still seriously concerned about the harvest of that potato plant )...if all goes well there will be another perennial in the garden...but no harvesting of the spears until 2018 ( that's right...not until the fifth season...the roots have to be allowed to develop until then )...the new zealand white clover is up and running in the clusters they were planted in...clumsy gardener fingers and clumping seeds due to the innoculant made them so...there may be thinning...there may not...there may just be a new planting...the andean tuber mashua is gaining height and the leaves are growing...we will be learning about mashua together...first season for me with this plant...we have plants...there will be more...they will grow..can't wait.

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