Tuesday, May 13, 2014


another andean plant/replant perennial tuber has found its way into both gardens and i am utterly geeked at the prospect...mashua is a member of the nasturtium family and produces large quantities of peppery tubers near the surface, much like potatoes but, seemingly, without he solanine issues...whether these set tuber or not is another matter...they have a long season, six to eight months, need lots of water, don't like heat, and will probably have issues with the day length here in summer..if we have a mild autumn there is a chance of tubers late and some hope for a replant...if not i have found a source and can purchase more tubers in the spring...either way we are pleased that all the tubers that were planted chose to germinate..all we can do now is strive to provide adequate conditions of a good performance...going out on a limb here since this is the first go-round with these...and publicly too...we like a challenge.

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