Tuesday, May 20, 2014

iuncg planting day 2014

the beds were ready early this afternoon and by 4:30 a hoard of gardeners had descended on the community garden ( including a new found master gardener from the english department...cool beans ) and planting began...myriad plants and seeds found their way into the garden's soil...four different varieties of tomatoes including roma md cherry...eleven individual types of potatoes are in the ground ( wonder who influenced that? )...pungo, leona, craigs snowwhite, juice valley, purple valley, early blue, all red, yukon gold, russet, ollala, and german butterball...green peppers...jalepeno peppers, red bell peppers, onions, pole beans, cucumbers, sweet corn, dakota balck popcorn, apache red, hopi blue...garlic...jerusalem artichokes...there will be cyclical harvests of goodies all summer long...a lot of intercroppping going on in seven beds and the corner beds have been sown with flower seeds...stop by...feast your eyes...perhaps as the summer rolls on we can work out a plain old garden feast...roast corn and potatoes seasoned with the garden's own garlic? i'm in.

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