Monday, May 26, 2014

container gardening

container gardening is not the normal mo around here but two evils (?) have collided to force me to take this step...1) i overbought seed potatoes ( and got some from the usda as well ) and, 2) i flat ran out of space...whether it wwas here, the community garden, the pgp, or a daughter's back yard space became suddenly i bought two shiny new containers ( to go with some that were already lying about )...drilled drainage holes...added compost and potatoes ( these are yukon gold ) and put hem out in phalanx on the south side of the house with some yema de huevos and ollalas that are already up and running in containers from the basement experimentation...they will compliment the patch of red pontiacs in the ground and will make suitable gifts if the need arises...they will succeed and they will produce...i just find it a bit unnatural.

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