Wednesday, May 21, 2014


there was something of a storm here late yesterday with wind, rain, and, in places, i went to the garden after work to check up on things...fine is the report...the plants and seeds got a thorough watering but not much else...from the peppers in the bed closest to washington street to the german butterball potatoes and the jerusalem artichokes ( still too close to call on my prediction...ten days...five inches...two inches a day? could happen if the weather holds ) on the other side things are good...the panoramic photo of the garden certainly looks different this year...for one thing it fits in one frame instead of multiple photos...but it is the first season after the big move and soon enough the seven beds ( so far ) will be bursting with more green...then blooms...then's an interesting and really informative can learn a lot in microcosm..stay tuned and find out...or , better yet, join us...there's room for more plants, people, and ideas...we are open for the season.

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