Thursday, May 15, 2014

a season takes hold

even though the "official" planting day in the community garden is not until next tuesday ( the 20th at 4:30 p.m. ) there is a season underway in the garden...the bed in the top photo is intercropped with three varieties of potatoes ( russets, german butterball, and ollala ) as well as garlic and mashua...the ollalas in the second photo are an early potato, acclimated to cool temperatures and will be among the first done...the mashua in the third photo is another cool weather crop, grown at altitude in the andes...which has me a bit concerned about its behavior in a northwest indiana summer...but the source for the plant was in the u.s. and while there were no guarantees they feel that it can thrive here...the jerusalem artichokes in the bottom photo will thrive and no doubt serve up some interestingly shaped tubers for lunch sometime between august and october...the season in the garden will be along one with the requisite number of surprises, successes, and disappointments...stick around...or, better yet, come on out...there will be lots to see and learn.

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