Friday, May 30, 2014

wheat enters the picture

the winter rye in the top two photos has been flowering for a bit and some of the seed heads are at my eye level now...their season is closing in on maturity and i will be saving the seed to use a s a cover crop here and in the community garden ( seed from the hairy vetch and dixie clover as well ) has been joined out there by some spring has long awns just like the rye but the seeds are shorter and rounder than those of the rye...there are some plans to use the wheat more as ornamentation than a won't overwinter and so is an unlikely candidate for soil conservation in the off season...there will be more as the rye is threshed and winnowed and some research into the best methodology for preserving seed is unearthed...only a few more months until winter preparations kick into gear ( really...i was planting fall green manures and cover crops in august last year..august starts in sixty-two days...a blink of the eye )..gardening season never ends.

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