Saturday, May 17, 2014

nexus events

i was out and about going to the garden center at the local home improvement store to pick up some supplies for the community garden and i had a look in at the field behind the big box stores ( the home improvement place is one of the big box stores which is pretty much how i stumbled on this particular suburban field )...something seems to be up and what caught my eye was what caught my eye when it was a no till bean field last season, corn stalks...last spring it was because there was a crop growing between the still standing remains of corn stalks from the previous fall's harvest...their stubborn existence is what tipped off the no till...those stalks were still around earlier this spring, but they're gone now which leads me to believe someone has been working what purpose still eludes me...there is still a lot of dense yellow #2 detritus out there...nothing has been turned under...and the only thing growing out there is botany with no intrinsic economic value in it ( i.e. dandelions and thistle ) we will have to wait a bit to see what's what out can see by the top photo that there has been considerable rain here recently and as i traveled the fringes of the nexus i stumbled across some evidence of the erosive impact of that rain...these will be obliterated when the field is plowed for planting but that still doesn't negate the negative impact annual monocultures have on land..erosion...chemical runoff...extruded, processed food...and that's just a start...the list seems endless.

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