Saturday, May 24, 2014

what's up with industry today?

it has been less than a week since the last significant rainfall here and temperatures have been ( much to the disgust of many ) on the coolish side compare the top two photos of the wheat field by the supermarket...the top one was taken six says ago, on the eighteenth of the month and the second one this startled me when i pulled into the parking lot and a closer look leaves me even more uncertain...the plant leaves in the third photo are curled up and reminiscent of members of the zea family when they are suffering water loss through transpiration...when i see sweet corn, maize, or teosinte with leaves curled like this i know it's time to water winter wheat out back is all green and what's up? are those brown and yellow spots on the leave in the bottom photo a sign of some sort of pathogen? wheat rust? don't know but i will be looking at it to try to find out...need to wash my shoes after traipsing around that field too...don't need to infect my yard if that's what's up.

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