Monday, May 19, 2014

planting day preperations: maize

yesterday i put a gallon of tap water in a milk jug and left the lid off to let the chlorine i pored about a cup of it into each of four containers and labeled them appropriately...then i put fifteen seeds each of apache red, hopi blue, and dakota black maize, as well as thirty sweet corn seeds, in to soak until they are planted tomorrow...the hopi blue seed is from maize we grew in the old community garden and it represents some continuity between the old and new sites...these are open for anyone to plant in the bed of their choice...we will be establishing a three sisters' guild of maize, beans, and any open bed space ( if any is left ) or directly into hills established by clearing sod off the soil directly behind the beds...the traditional native american combination of plant carbohydrates and proteins should do well.

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