Tuesday, May 13, 2014

post storm

there was a reasonably vicious storm that moved through the are sunday and it has rained off and on since, but today was the first chance i had to get out to the garden to check up on things...all is well...the jerusalem artichokes are now around five inches tall and sprouting many more leaves which will only accelerate their vertical growth.. also see one that has sneaked in to an areawe do not want it in so it will be moving this coming weekend...the black tip wheat ( second photo )is tillering nicely and that bodes well for good numbers of seed heads ( there will be a lot of talk of seed heads this season...we will be letting much more go to seed )...it is pretty much an ornamental but more seed heads mean more aesthetic views and ( my interest ) some seed to save for next season...the german butterball potatoes are thriving ( third photo ) and the population of tuber varieties has increased by one with the appearance of a leona...so we now have german butterball, russets, ollala, early blue, leona, and roja narino with at least five more varieties to come...community garden = tuber city

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