Monday, May 19, 2014

planting day preperation: potatoes

there are already spuds in the community garden that ellen and i planted in april...ollala and german butterball along with some russets...juice valley, leona, pungo, purple valley and craigs snowwhite were planted ealier this month along with a few early blue and some roja narino..toss in the mashua and jerusalem artichokes and it is already tuber city...tomorrow is the "official" planting day and what would planting day be without potatoes?...compact bundles of vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates they are nutritious and many find them irresistible ( like me ) this evening i took some all red and german butterballs and cut them let them callous until tomorrow afternoon when they will be available for anyone who cares to plant them...i have some "drops" of yukon gold and early blue as well so there will be variety and that's what we aim for...a community of plants maintained by a community of all starts at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon.

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