Saturday, May 28, 2016

a bed and a half

i soaked some bear paw maize seed overnight and took it out to the community garden early this morning to plant...i swore i wouldn't do this again but a friend sent me the heirloom seed and i thought i'd battle the squirrels again to see what happens...i believe we will lose the war but who knows? the lunchbox orange pepper in the fourth photo was started in march and it is ready to i tore the bottom off the peat pot and planted it deep enough to cover any trace of the peat pot...any part of the pot protruding above the surface of the soil will tend to dry the roots out through capillary action, drawing water up from the spoil and evaporating it...i did the same for a beefsteak tomato, red bell pepper and a grape tomato plant...those four plus the maize went into the bed with the asparagus...the asparagus has such a massive and deep root system the presence of annuals should not disturb it since they are comparatively shallowly rooted...finished with that i moved to the next bed where two forty pound bags of compost created two cucumber hills for spacemaster and sumter varieties of cucumbers ( one a pickling cuck and the other a slicing ).. a handful of seed in each will be thinned out in a couple of weeks and then we can look for vines....finally i planted three buttercruch lettuce plants..i admit i bought these...i am not a big lettuce grower ( although i will have some at home too ) and ddi not think to start bought will have to do...there will be much more form here as the season progresses...tune in.

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