Saturday, May 21, 2016

desperate measures II

clearly trying to shade the ramps from the side was a dysfunctional idea born of a weary and error...learn from failure...i took them down and roved grade stakes into the perimeter of both ramp beds and guyed them down to screws in the bed frame with sisal twine...then i festooned nylon rope between the stakes and draped a tarp over the top, securing it with more rope and bungee the question is have i gone from too much light to not enough..i do have some white row cover fabric left from mulching the garlic at the community garden last is designed to be light and moisture permeable and i am wondering if a double or triple thickness of that would be a better choice...i could roll the tarp back on overcast days and in the evening...wondering if i would have the time/energy to keep that up...there is definitely going to be a move for the ramps at the end of the season...i have a spot in mind...we will see what comes of it.

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