Wednesday, May 11, 2016

movement out back

it has been a bit rainy here of late and that is not a bad thing for the stuff in the yard...more spuds ar popping up in the bed on the south side of the house and there will be more going in over the coming weekend...the wheat that Jean and i are growing for the "bread from scratch" project is liking the wet and coolish weather as well...pushing a foot tall these days...the teosinte is acclimating itself to actually being in the ground and should be going more vertical soon...the grape vine is coming into leaf as well...when some of the trees out there were cut down some of the large vines that were growing though the trees were severed..this may put a crimp in this year's grape production, however it may lead to some new growth as may not be the tragedy i first took it for...perhaps a pruning was in order...just do not like losing the grapes in the tree...i believe the sixth photo is of some bogata market mashua breaking the surface of the soil in that container...i will keep an eye on it and be looking for the rest as well as the nasturtiums i planted with them...finally there are seed heads appearing on the winter rye...i had to take a sheet of paper out to highlight them because the camera simply could not pick up the details with all the green in the has its limitations...and while i was looking at the rye i saw the seed head in the ninth photo and was wondering why it was bent over at that angle...the vetch tendrils in the last photo supplied the answer...climbing toward the light and not caring what they latch onto.

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