Saturday, May 21, 2016

dig it

an early run out to the community garden means that all the beds that we in need of it have been turned at least once...the bed in the top photo was a bit more lightly planted with green has had a second turning and is ready to plant...the bed in the second photo was much more heavily planted and for much longer has had three turnings and the organic matter is decomposing well and the roots have broken more ( at least ) before planting...the bed in the third photo turned up some very rich soil was thickly planted with alfalfa and clove which seems like a superior mix...the other beds were more heavily planted with peas and vetch...i see a modified strategy for the coming autumn...the asparagus is doing very well..."ferning" and beginning to flower...hopefully we have some seed this season now that they are third year plants...the jerusalem artichokes in my bed seem to be under some control and confined to the fringes ( fifth photo ) so i did some planting...i had some sweet potato plants at home and i brought one was pot bound for sure ( seventh photo ) and was ready to go..i chose a sunny spot and planted it ( soon enough it will disappear behind the sunchokes and will be visible only form the south side of the bed )..i watered the plant thoroughly so she would know it was okay to root...she's home now...more as the garden develops a season.

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