Thursday, May 26, 2016

late may in the iuncg

the planting that was supposed to happen today was cancelled and i did not get the message so i went out o the garden after work all anticipation which gradually changed to aggrieved irritation which ha since abated after a late but well intended email...not wasting a trip i staked up the third year asparagus plants which have grown tall enough to fall over...they are about to bloom and i am hoping for a bumper crop of "berries" to seed around...the rye and jerusalem artichokes in my bed are coming along...the rye has large and well developed seed heads that will add to the grain harvest for the "bread from scratch" project...parker! showed up for the planting as well but was forced to content herself with serenading the plants that are there...the garden has some crops going on but there is considerable space left for is almost june..time to get going or ti will be too late...the next to last phot is my truck bed and the last is a jerusalem artichoke that has taken root in the plant detritus that lives there from year to year...i told you they were relentless.

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