Saturday, May 21, 2016

sweet potatoes and desperate measures

after i got home from the community garden i heade out back. found a sunny spot..and hacked up about sixteen square feet of yard...i worked it with a warren hoe and then turned in eighty pounds of composted cow manure to improve the the process i turned up any number of jerusalem artichokes and when i was finished i had planted eight sweet potato vines, a spud that was dying to get out of the basement, and another tesointe plant that i hope will prosper...while i was out there i drove in some more stakes and hung a bit more fabric to try and shade the ramps...frankly i am not sanguine about saving that many of will possibly save some...and hopefully some of the second year plants that are working on flowering but my hopes for a ramp season took a shot with the tree cutting..there are still trees and leaf humus and shade out there..i am not through...i foresee a change of location though come this autumn.

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