Monday, May 30, 2016

maize day ( and a spud )

the last of the basement spuds has gotten a bit "leggy" under the lights and i have been soaking maize seed ( bear paw ) as well so the time had arrived to do more planting since it's warm enough for maize and the potato was stalled dug a hole and cultivated a row for the maize...added amendments to the soil...planted the seed and the plant and watered the whole area thoroughly...the plant will probably shock but come back and the maize will probably feed the squirrels..i will get some zea morphology photos along the way though and compare the maize with the teosinte...always good to have a "wild and weedy" ancestor growing nearby...alberto warman says mexican maize farmers say growing teosinte on the margins of their fields makes their maize "stronger"...gene flow perhaps...they are related...multiple generation back yard.

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