Sunday, May 8, 2016

a short tour

when i was done planting i took a bit of a tramp around the yard...the ramps in the top two photos are a fair sampling of the fifty or so booming along out there...we have taken out some trees and i am worried that they may be overexposed to sun this summer...a sunshade of sorts may have to be rigged...the locust trees they are planted under are finally coming into leaf but i am not sure they will provide the requisite shade...the wheat bed has filled in well in the last six days ( the third photo was taken on the second of this month ) tillering away...there will be bread and speaking of bread there are nascent seed heads on the winter rye in the fifth and sixth photos...we may just have rye flour as well...finally the winter vetch will be putting out its purple blooms soon...that means seed for next autumn...there will be more as it comes up.

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