Monday, May 30, 2016

industrial corn

after i was done planting i went out for a ride down county line road to porter county to see what was up...what's up is there is a lot of agricultural machinery out there in the fields...another thing going on the erosion cuts in the berm of this field are disguised by what may or may not be termed "weeds"...whatever they are the do not negate the fact that parts of this field wash away every year...another thing that is up is dense yellow #2 in long rows across the field...the industrial work is underway...the anhydrous ammonia is already down and there are herbicides and insecticides to come ( liberty link? some bayer seed? i wonder ) as well as more diesel fuel for traction and harvesting...there will be more to come...the field by the supermarket is due to be beans this season so that won't be in until next month...and i am still uncertain about what, if anything, is in the field behind the big box was fallow last year but held corn the year before that...beans would seem to be the call but you never know...we can make that call later.

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