Monday, May 30, 2016

a vine and some grasses

a surprise came this afternoon...another grape vine...seedless, but gift horse and all i filled the plastic bag it came packed in with water and found a sunny spot to dig a hole...i was going to use the fence as a trellis but thought better of it...there have been property line issues so i will build a i put it on the southeast corner of the potato bed ( and dug up half a dozen jerusalem artichokes in the process )...i let the roots soak for a few minutes, cut the bag open and planted the vine with the crown about an inch below the soil surface and back-filled with compost and soil ( heavy on the compost ) a bit i will be planting a geranium nearby to deal with any wandering japanese beetles...unlike the spring wheat i planted in march, pacific bluestem and bart wheat do not like cool is not cool anymore so it was time to plant..i dug out a couple of deep containers, filled with a mix of potting soil and compost...broadcast the seed in the containers, raked them under with my fingers, and they can do what seeds do and we can watch some reasonably rare heirloom wheat has been three days of planting...time for a break..back to work tomorrow.

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