Sunday, May 29, 2016

gluten and starch

the lettuce and the peppers that looked a bit shocked after planting yesterday have recovered and seem to be fine..i expected a recovery but one this rapid it better than expected...the rest of the backyard plant population is doing well...the sweet potato patch ( with a spud dead center ) and the bed of wheat behind it are looking robust...there is volunteer wheat around the yard and i am about to start some maize in defiance of the squirrels...the potato patch in the sixth photo is coming along and the cousins mashua and nasturtiums are up and running in five separate containers...i have four yacon plants and the ones that were supposed to arrive as "live" plants failed to live up to that designation...if the replacements arrive in plantable condition a couple will go here and one will find its way to my bed in the community garden...i just planted bee balm for the expected arrival of bees and, perhaps, for the natives to utilize as well...parsley and thyme along with the unconscionable rhubarb ( not my idea 0 are next up for planting out back...the season takes hold.

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