Thursday, May 19, 2016


we have been cutting down and trimming trees out back to open up more area to sunlight for expanded growing areas and that has gone unintended side effect is that the ramp beds have been exposed to more sunlight as well...this is not especially a good thing...they want seventy-five percent shade and you can see the added sunlight has them i went out after work this evening and rigged up some awnings to throw some shade on the plants and, hopefully, send them on the road to recovery...they are under some locust trees but they take forever to come into leaf so the awnings will have to do for now and i will probably be moving beds to the north of where they are now to insure more shade next season...there will be more as this moves along...we'll see how this works out...a new batch of bee nesting tubes arrived today in the i will be cleaning up this second bee house and hanging it with the first so there will be more available habitat...the third house goes out next month...we'll see how that works out too.

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