Saturday, May 28, 2016

backyard planting

after i finished on campus i came home to do a bit more work...the top photo is the bed that held the second year ramps until the trees were cut down and the direct sun began to fry them...they have been moved ( and do not seem overly happy in their new location either..lamentable but true...we will see what happens...if you cannot accept loss you shouldn't be doing this )...some shovel and hoe work plus 320# of compost turned it into a bed that had two cucumber hills ( sumter and spacemaster growing from seed ) and room for ( in order 0boston pickling cucumber, sweet banana, sweet cherry tomato, hot banana pepper, yellow bell pepper, and roma tomato...the last photo is of the finished bed including three buttercrunch lettuce plants i do not seem to have photographed on the way in...see today's post on the community garden if you need a graphic of that...there are more peppers on the way and there will be a spud planting for later harvest...and the "bread from scratch" project still has Jean and i busy...we are nothing if not in motion.


  1. Wish I had your knowledge! I'd love to grow tomatoes but every time I've tried it's been a disaster!

  2. my knowledge? we are about even i think...and you are the "reader" from that part of the world! i always wondered who that was...always nice to see you.