Friday, May 27, 2016


rains spaced at regular intervals this spring have saved a lot of watering and have things moving right along...the long awns and bulbous seed tell me that the seed head in the second photo ( once again i have had to screen out the vegetation in the background out with a sheet of paper to get the camera to focus on what i want to post ) is wheat...but no in the bed of wheat..this is a volunteer from last season...there are a number of them...and, if they survive the starlings, i will be adding them to the harvest...the third photo is winter rye by way of comparison...there will be grapes ( fourth photo ) and their tendrils are being grabby any way they can to support the vines ( that is actually one of the vines that was mistakenly cut the living vines are being supported by...nothing really goes to waste out there )...the potato patch and the wheat bed are both very green and robust...and there is excellent growth in the teosinte bed...the bogota market mashua is doing fine as long as the rains continue and don't turn violent there will be no need to water out there...that is good news...more from the yard and the community garden as the holiday weekend continues.

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