Saturday, May 14, 2016

bee house ( vacancy )

over the past week or so i have noticed a number of mason bees out in the yard busy with all the spring flowers out there..i was planning to install a post for the bee house i have for the alfalfa leaf cutter bees i have coming next month in a couple of weeks but the presence of the mason bees and the fact that i have a bee house and nesting tubes left from last year prompted me to i dug a hole and planted the 4 X 4 post...screwed in a couple of hooks...and hung the house...the angle is so that rain water will slough off the bee house and keep the bees and larvae ( if i am fortunate enough to have bees nest ) dry...the chicken wire on the bee house is to discourage predators ( either squirrels or a raccoon wiped out my mason bee house last year )...and i put some vicious strips of spikes on the post as an added deterrent..we will see if this is successful or not...more on this when the leaf cutter bee larvae arrive and go out to hatch....the last photo is of the bee house post conveniently located near a stand of alfalfa...they aren't called "alfalfa leaf cutter bees" because they don't have preferences.

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