Sunday, May 8, 2016

more spuds

fifteen of the potato tubers i planted on the seventeenth of last month are up and running...and since it is mother's day ( happy mother's day to all you mothers ) and the weather is warming i have begun to move spuds i had growing under the lights out into the real world to finish up...i brought seven up this afternoon and planted them around the ...edge of the bed and intercropped with ( but not close to ) the garlic...the one in the sixth photo is much more vine-like plant which must be a mechanism triggered by the relatively low light is not a plant from true seed it is a clone...just another adaptive behavior from a will not become unvine-like now that it is outside so we'll see just what it does and how it produces...while i was out there putting down compost for the spuds i gave the teosinte i planted yesterday a side dressing of it just to give it a little has been a busy weekend in the is go time.

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