Monday, May 23, 2016

desperate measures IV

the ambient air temperature when i took the first photo was almost 89 degrees ( farhenheit ) the temperature under the tarp was lower than that which is a good sign that i won't be cooking the ramps while trying to shade them...the second year plants seem to be responding well..they have perked up and look like the process of flowering will continue...hopefully to seeds ( pollinators? self-pollinating? research to see if i am going to have to help them along with q-tips )...some of the first year plants look beyond redemption but there are some that seem to be recovering as if there is enough light under the tarps i may salvage some of the season...i will be uncovering them on overcast and rainy days just to let them be a bit natural but some sort of cover ( this is a work in progress..there will probably be evolution...certainly the covers are going to be raised higher ) looks like it will be the answer for this season...more as this comes along...the bottom photo is of some robust teosinte with tillers already in evidence...this is a different variety of teosinte than i have grown i the is an annual...but, so far, the leaf structure and the early tillering make it look much more like the perennial strain zea diploperennis rather than the northern tepehuan teosinte i have been growing for the past few seasons...this has me wondering about what sort of seed ear production we will be seeing...stay tuned if it geeks you as much as it does me.

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